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About Us


The Nordic/Scandinavian design tradition is rooted in a minimal, clean approach that seeks to combine functionality with beauty. There is nothing superfluous about Scandinavian design; it strips back the unnecessary, showcasing the essential elements of any product. Nordic/Scandinavian minimalism allows people to invite peace into their homes without creating a space that is uninviting or cold. It is full of vitality without being chaotic.

A guiding principle of Nordic/Scandinavian design is to establish harmony with one’s environment and to create things made to last. It seeks to complement the art of living well by promoting a simple home environment that is filled with quality items and enhances an unencumbered lifestyle devoid of excess consumerism.

Alongside the touchstones of simplicity, functionality, and comfort, Nordic/Scandinavian architecture utilizes light, creates use for natural materials, and integrates with nature. The name Norse refers to the Nordic mythology with a clear reference to the Nordic/Scandinavian region & design traditions.

Our Concept

In a combination of event-based and personalized activities, Norse Brands offers exclusive access to the richest collection of iconic Nordic mid-century furniture, lighting, and lifestyle products.

Architects, interior decorators, designers, promoters, and developers are invited to visit our experience centers to learn about and better understand the opportunities with our products.

Together with architects, interior decorators, designers, and curators, consumers are welcome to experience our luxury selection of highly curated design icons – artifacts.

All products from Norse Brands are considered artifacts with lasting value.

1 USD Now = 1 USD Tomorrow

Unique Solution

Norse Brands is offering a Unique platform representing not only the finest luxury furniture & lifestyle brands but all iconic designers who contracted with several of our brands.

Norse Brands has experience centers in unique locations such as Alibag, South Mumbai & Goa.

Norse brands showcase all the iconic furniture, lighting, and lifestyle products in a homely environment where the Nordic lifestyle blends with the interior decoration.

Meet Our Team

Henrik Haagen

Co-Founder & Director

Arti Gudal

CEO & Co-Founder

Bala Venkatesan

Co-Founder & Director

Siva Iyer

Co-Founder & Director

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